Stream and The Blue Dragons With The Esfahan Dancers

Monday, May 3, 2004, 8:00 PM

Unitarian Universalist Church of Silver Spring
10309 New Hampshire Avenue, Silver Spring, MD
$12 advance/$15 door

When did you last see a beautiful woman dance balancing a sword on her head? When The Blue Dragons perform, you can expect it! The Blue Dragon Band is a unique World Fusion band, located in the Washington, DC area, that combines the fascinating rhythms of the Middle East, Africa and Brazil with a pinch of jazz, a dollop of rai, and a scoop of ju-ju music. Flutes and other wind instruments,Turkish lute, bass, didgeridoos, and drums of many kinds in shifting combinations join in joyous, dancing, original melodies. It is so infectious that everyone wants to join in, and the show usually ends with audience, dancers and musicians uniting in an exuberant dance and percussion celebration. Swedish-born multi-instrumentalist Stream Ohrstrom, (who once was part of the New York loft-scene), plays bird-whistles, flutes, clarinets and an array of percussion. Behind him, six versatile musicians groove on Turkish saz, dumbek, riq and many other instruments - even soprano-sax and Stratocaster - played by Dan Barbiero, Mark Cheater, Gordon "Gondor" Coupe, Dale Hall, Jon Morfit, and David Saile. The graceful dancers, Aleta, Aliya and Mina, are all accomplished in the art of "raqs sharki", (commonly known as "bellydance"). Their sensuous beauty and agility will captivate you.

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