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The Institute of Musical Traditions (IMT) is an independent nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization which preserves and promotes American and international folk music traditions and nurtures new styles evolving from these cultural roots by presenting concerts, workshops, and educational programs.


IMT was born in 1988 from a concert series started by David Eisner, the owner of the House of Musical Traditions in Takoma Park, Maryland. IMT's world-class performances, programs, and other activities are funded through corporate donations, foundations and public funding agencies, but mostly through ticket sales and contributions from individual supporters.


IMT presents weekly concerts, fall, winter and spring, in either our Rockville or Takoma Park venues. We also present special events, icon concerts, family concerts and workshops throughout the year, as well as our occasional, intimate Next to the House concerts in Takoma Park. Our venues range in size from 50 seats to 500 seats.


Corporate Address

Institute of Musical Traditions
P.O. Box 5930
Takoma Park, MD 20913

Executive Director

Email: Office@imtfolk.org

Email Addresses

Office Email: Office@imtfolk.org
Ticketing questions: Orders@imtfolk.org    (See the Tickets page.)
Email List: Mailings@imtfolk.org    (See the Email page.)
Bookings: Booking@imtfolk.org    (See the Booking page.)
Volunteers: Volunteers@imtfolk.org    (See the Volunteers page.)
Publicity: Publicity@imtfolk.org
Video: Video@imtfolk.org
Webmaster: Webmaster@imtfolk.org

Phone Numbers

Office & Tickets (voice mail): 301 960-3655 (960-FOLK)

Board of Directors

Dave Richardson -- President (email)
Jim Byrne -- Secretary (email)
Art Shaw -- Treasurer (email)
David Eisner -- Founder (email)
Jess Eliot Myhre - (email)
Joyce Winston
Rob Wolcott


Performing Artists, Managers and Agents

Please feel free to contact the IMT publicist directly for media lists and media questions.

Email: publicity@imtfolk.org


If you need high-resolution photos for publication, please check the individual show descriptions listed in the calendar sidebar above. In most of the descriptions, you can click on the small image to download a high-resolution version.

For other questions, please contact the IMT publicist directly.


Artists and agents can find booking and advance information on the Artists & Agents page.