Monday, April 9 • 7:30 PM

Saint Mark Presbyterian Church
10701 Old Georgetown Rd., Rockville, MD


Balkanics (Dance)

Dynamic, colorful and unpredictable are the peoples of the Balkan peninsula. Naturally, their music has absorbed the complexity of their existence, and has grown into a rare mixture of odd rhythms, forgotten modes and poignant lyrics. Played on modern day instruments, this music, with its unlikely progressions and intricate ornamentation, sounds extremely intriguing to the Westerner's ear. The Balkanics bring this phenomenon home to the DC area. Coming to a Balkanics gig is not just a night out; it is an experience of a culture distant yet rooted into your natural instincts and emotions. To feel footloose and carefree and forget the troubles of the day, this is what music is all about!

The Balkanics’ eclectic lineup says it all: Tzvety Weiner - vocals; Varol Saatcioglu - keyboard, bagpipe, vocals; Jeff Suzda - saxophone; Daniel Rozas - clarinet; Len Newman - bass and rhythm guitar; Bryndyn Weiner - drums, vocals

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