Monday, November 20• 7:30 PM

Saint Mark Presbyterian Church
10701 Old Georgetown Rd., Rockville, MD

Work O' The Weavers

"If I'm an expert in one thing, it's in the Weavers' music. When I heard (Work o' the Weavers) I got blown away. Great! (They) have it exactly right!"
Alan Chartock, WAMC-FM, Albany NY

The Weavers introduced a stream of authenticity into the current of American popular music that endures to this day. With faithful adherence to their original arrangements, Work o’ the Weavers seeks to recall the spirit of The Weavers, providing an echo of their music and some insight into their story, one that resonates ever so strongly in these troubled times when an American's right – and indeed, responsibility – to dissent is once again being challenged.

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